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Customer-driven Marketing

Clienti is a back-end marketing platform that helps businesses amplify their good online reputation by drumming up positive feedback from existing happy clients. 

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”We went from 41 positive reviews to 176 in less than 2 months. I didn’t realize it can be this easy.”
— Angela T.

”Our online reputation went from good to great in less than 30 days!”
— Shawn S.

”I wish I had the time to dedicate to back-end marketing. Thank you Rengie for giving me my life back!”
— Joe G.

A symbiotic relationship between current (or past) customers and leads.

Most businesses ignore the importance of positive reviews online.  These reviews will either attract or repel new leads - and without new leads, there won't be any new clients.  This is why back-end marketing must be well balanced with front-end marketing.  Neglecting the back-end means you'll have to compensate in the front end, which means more money spent on ads and other marketing efforts.

Back-end marketing, particularly client-driven marketing is less expensive and easier to implement.



Our Services

Clienti is a RenzaGroup company that specializes in Reputation Management.  We have an automated system that interacts with your customer base and encourages them to leave positive feedback to both Major and Industry-specific review sites

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What Is Client-driven Marketing?

Client-driven marketing is simply that, letting your current or past clients put in a good word for you to attract new clients.  Similar to "word-of-mouth" marketing but with a much bigger audience.