Purveyor of 5-Star Reviews

How It Works


Say you're looking for a dentist.  You Google "Culver City Dentist" and you get this...


Who would you call first?

You'll most likely call Serenity Dental Care first seeing that they have 19 reviews with a solid 5-Star rating.  A sure winner compared to Culver City Dental or Kaufman Dentistry.

Let's go on another search.  This one really shows the impact of what we do.


See the difference?

In this search result, you will definitely call Dr. Bill Dorfman.  And we both know why.

This is what we do.  We drum up positive results from your past and current customers giving you an advantage against your local competitors.  Look at those results again.  It's not even fair.

The problem

It's not that you don't have happy customers.  You do (otherwise you probably won't be in business).  They just aren't leaving reviews enough and here's the top 3 reasons why:

  1. "I don't have time"
  2. "I forgot."
  3. "I don't know how."

Clienti will help you fix these problems.  We drum up positive reviews using the following:

  1. E-Mail Drip (Most Effective) - We put all your customers in an email drip system.  We slowly send out invitations to leave reviews and gentle reminders are sent automagically after a few days.  We do 3 attempts within the span of 7 days and we have found that this is the most effective way of reminding your customers to leave a review.
  2. SMS Drip - Same as the email drip above, if you only have mobile numbers instead of email addresses.
  3. Email Signature Widget - We provide a code that you embed on your email signature.  This encourages customers you email back and forth with to leave reviews.
  4. Website Widget - We provide a code you can embed on your website to encourage your visitors to leave a review.
  5. QR Code - If you have a storefront, we can provide you with a QR code you can display that will encourage users to leave reviews.

All of the above will lead your customers to a landing page that has direct links and instructions on leaving positive reviews on your Major listings as well as 100 other industry specific review sites.  All of the above addresses the Top 3 excuses and ultimately drums up positive reviews that will make you stand out against your local competitors.

Again, who would you call first?